Contacts, Associates and Recommended Links

Venues and Locations

Arundel Castle - 11th Century Castle, Stately Home and Gardens - also regular venue of Raven Tor's Medieval and Norman events.

Bignor Roman Villa - 3rd Century Roman Villa with original Mosaics and architecture - location of Raven Tor's Roman events.

Living History and Combat

Ragged Victorians - Victorian Living History at its best.

Wessex Medieval Alliance - 15th Century Living History and Combat.

Herigeas Hundas - 7th Century Saxon Migration Living History and Combat.

2nd (Queen's Royal) Regiment of Foot 1809 - Napoleonic British Regiment.

Will Lord Prehistoric Experiences - Stone Age Living History, Craft and much more.

Crafts and Entertainment

Hawking About - Falconry and Birds of Prey demonstrations.

The Yarnsmith of Norwich - Historical Story Teller (Saxon, Viking, Medieval, Tudor and Stuart).

Roughe Musike - Historical Music, Crafts, and Tented Encampment.

Recommended Suppliers:

Phil Fraser - Leather Work, Knives and many other things.

Plessis Armouries - Top Class Armour.

Cloak'd and Dagger'd - Historical Clothing.

Lionheart Pewter Replicas - Pewter Badges, Buckles, and more.


Clare Seaman - Responsible for many of the photographs on this site.