Stone Age to Norman's , 16th - 17th September 2023

Bignor Roman Villa

Stone Age to Norman's

Day One

Superb weather for the first day, and plenty of visitors over the day (very supportive for the arena activities as well).

Covering Stone Age through the the 12th century, the main focus was craft and display, with combat and costume presentation as arena displays.

Great to have Brad and Jane H join the Iron Age, brief visit and some combat training from Sylas, and thanks to Jane C for additional photos.

Some great combat from all, especially considering the craters they were having to avoid.

Sundays forecast looking very different, so a move into the villa for tomorrow will be required.

Day Two

With impending decline of weather we hit the arena earlier with a costumer walk through straight into some furiously paced combat.

Some excellent fights from everyone, great movements and defence from everyone.

Then literally as we finished the spits and spots started so we withdrew inside.

Heavens opened and the storm moved slowly down the valley for the next couple of hours.

The sheltering visitors were captive from the elements so had no choice but to talk to us.

Great displays from everyone, and despitefully the weather another really successful day.

Huge thanks to everyone for supporting the event.