Arundel Castle Festival Of History, 26th - 28th August 2023

Arundel Castle

Festival of History Day One

What a day of many seasons, and yet nearly 1600 visitors on the first day.

Some outstanding displays both in the arena and within the encampment. Huge thank you to everyone who attended and made the first day such a success. Two more days to go, and forecast looking better. Festival of History Day Two

A really great second day at Arundel Castle, none of the wet stuff certainly helped, and 2100 visitors agreed.

I certainly think this has been one of the best Multiperiod Events we've hosted at the castle.

I've been really impressed at all the combat I've seen, and huge thanks to all those who sent photos.

Here's hoping Day Three is as successful and enjoyable... Huge thanks to everyone who attended and supported the event.

Festival of History Day Three

What a finale folks, seriously well done to all.

Personally I think it's been the best multiperiod we have done for atmosphere, interactions between groups and for everyone pulling out the stops.

Some seriously great combat today, and over the three days, and I'm not blowing any trumpets here folks, but hats off to you all, you did the group proud.

And we covered every major period over the 12,000 Years except 17th (Mike and Fi you were seriously missed), so well done all.

Huge thank you to everyone who attended and supported the event, and for propping me up, and generally being an ear.

You are all an amazing bunch, huge ?? to you all