Fishbourne Roman Palace, 3rd - 4th June 2023

Fishbourne Roman Palace

Fishbourne Roman Palace 3 June 2023

First day of two at the Palace, and first outing for the group at this location, and well worth the wait doing an event here.

Stunning weather, and very interested and engaging visitors as we covered Stone Age through to the Norman's of the 12th century.

Serious local road accident, road works and train strikes clearly affected visitor numbers but every one at the Palace made us feel so welcome, and it proved to be a very relaxing day.

Plenty of excellent combat from all but I have to mention Forest (Phoenix) who having made all her leather armour, it being her first event, slogged it out with the best of them and looked awesome, well done hon.

Huge thank you to everyone who attended and supported the event, it really was a great first day, and we get to do it all again tomorrow (and with reenforcements).

Sunday 4 June Fishbourne Roman Palace Day Two

Another great weather day, less breezy and I'd say hotter.

Steady flow of visitors throughout the day and plenty of support for those in the arena at times.

With reenforcements the combat stepped up a gear and everyones displays looked excellent.

Well done Phoenix (Forest) for graduating to Gladiator Status, very well earnt hon.

Huge thank you too all those who participated over the two days, your support is as always very much appreciated.

All in all a very successful first event at the Palace... Cheers al