Stone Age to Iron Age, 15th April 2023

Hogmoor Enclosure

Sat 15 April Hogmoor Heathland Event

Former military training area, now part of Southdowns National Park Heathlands Project... A multi period event covering Stone Age through to the Medieval, with lots of conservation groups, stalls and food vendors.

From cold, grey, overcast and damp start through to warm sunshine, this certainly proved the best event held on this site. Many more interested and engaging visitors, and a better location to pitch. I certainly could have done with a second day as it was so relaxing.

Covering Stone, Bronze and Iron Age, and supporting David and Izzys Bronze Age display, everyone did a great job both in clothing and show and tell.

Huge thanks to Dan and Mark for representing the group with me... Well done all, and here's hoping we get to participate again next year.