Three Nation's Tournament, 9th - 10th July 2022

Arundel Castle

Three Nation's Tournament Well that was one of the hottest weekends we have done in a long time, and full credit and huge thanks to everyone who attended the event.

Huge thanks for to Morag, ably assisted and supported by Papa, for another great spread of food (and although Court's wasn't there in body, she sorted all the shopping and supported Morag in other ways)... There certainly was some challenging moments both heat and slippery surface wise in the arena for the combatants but nonetheless there was some really great combat, archery and demonstrations over the two days. Huge respect to you all.

You certainly deserved more support from the audience than you got, the first spectators on both days were brillient, but as the heat increased the enthusiasm sadly wained. Really impressed with everyone's living history displays, and the encampment really looked great. Well done all.

1550 visitors on the Saturday, and 1500 on the Sunday, which considering the heat, the beach weather, Wimbledon finals, and that schools haven't broken up yet is a great result for the event.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the weekend.

Your time, friendship, and support is always greatly appreciated.