Arundel Castle Jubilee, 2nd - 5th June 2022

Arundel Castle

Jubilee Event 2-5 June Arundel Castle

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and supported this event over the four days at the castle.

Although the visitor figures trailed off we were competing against a wide range of Jubilee Activities, very unpredictable weather forecasts, and it was the end of half term (I certainly got stuck in traffic just on the way home). Thurs 2600,Fri 2300 (and they were hard work to enthuse due to the heat), Sat 1300, and Sun 1200 (yellow weather warning both weekend days).

Narrow miss on the wet stuff that was just drifting in on takedown, and certainly hit when we were unloading in the garage. Hopefully not too damp for everyone to dry out quick.

Huge thanks to Morag and Court's... Its a huge amount of work that goes into the buying, organising, transporting, cooking, preparing, serving, washing up and then packing it all down. A little thank you can go along way folks, please remember that...

Encampment and table displays looked great, and trying out people in new places every so often seems to be working.

There were some excellent arena demonstrations and fighting over the four days, and huge respect to all the combatants. Capture the flags, all of them were great, and Wessex really embraced the idea (after the initial shock) so well. Well done to the archers, some excellent shooting and good to mix it up at times with what you were shooting at. It's been 11 years since the three groups first worked together at the first siege at the castle, and it's been great to see how everyone has grown, developed and improved. You should all be very proud of how far you have raised this group to where we all can hold our heads high with the best of them.

Well done and thanks to everyone for making this such a great (all be it tiring) event.