Cowdray Event, 31st October 2020

Cowdray Castle

I can't remember a day event of such extreme contrasts... Storm Aiden certainly manefested itself in the violent gusts of wind, and lashing rain for the first part of the day... It really wasn't good on any level...

Although I have no firm control over the weather my feelings of guilt at having finally managed to organise the first event of the entire year, only for everyone to be sitting or standing looking like drowned rats went through the preverble roof...

So having predicted that the rain would stop, and the sun would shine (optimistic but strangely prophetic) from 130pm the day transformed...

Wind dropped, rain stopped, sun came out, and Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge arched across the sky... My conclusion... We turn Norse, burn the monasteries and turn pagan!

I can but thank everyone who attended the event, huge respect and appreciation to all.

It is was, ironically, a great ending to the day and very successful for the Heritage Trust, weather considering.

We have proved we could do a covid restricted event, that we were prepared to keep going (although I am impressed at surviving my decision to carry on, if looks could kill I would have been floating down the River Rother in bits),and that was was very appreciated by the Trust team.

Great event potential in the future, and here's hoping it will be dry and never these weather conditions again... Many thanks to all