Roman Villa Event, 13th - 14th April 2019

Bignor Roman Villa

Excellent two days at the villa, despite the extremes of temperature... From Ice Age to sunburn it was difficult to know what to wear at times.

Fair amount of visitors over the two days, far more interactive on the Saturday, but considering the cold at times, at least some stayed all day.

First of two multperiod events at the villa, covering Stone Age up to Saxon (well Norman as me lord Betteridge swanned in from out hunting deer... As several hundred were in the field beneath the Downs whilst we had tea and cake I reckon he should stick to making the bow rather than shooting it)

Some excellent combat over the two days, a real credit to everyone's hard work training wise over winter. Craft demonstrations, visitor interaction and clothing all really impressive, so well done all.

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend, braved the cold, and made it such a successful two days. Thanks Clare for taking some excellent time to photos, some of which are below. Everyone's time and support always much appreciated.