Multi-Period Event, 25th - 27th August 2018

Arundel Castle

Weather gods really do seem to struggle with giving us a totally dry bank holiday weekend, and this was one of those occasions... an awesome Saturday with 1600 visitors, an inch and a half of rain from 11am - 9pm with around 700 visitors, to over cast 1600 visitors, who I might add were a very appreciative audience every day, and stayed around in the encampments asking loads of questions.

As events go certainly one of the best multiperiods we have had at the castle... always great to work with Wessex Medieval Alliance, Company of St Barbara, Ragged Victorians and Herigeas Hundus, all who have gone from strength to strength presentation and demonstration wise. Always good to have grandpa Will Lord on site, and despite a poorly hand (thank you Mistress Jenny who escorting him to the hospital to sort out antibiotics) he provided an awesome environment to to work out of. And thank you to Tina Spicer for adding Suffragettes to the time line, a great hit with everyone, and Gary (CoStB) for out glimpse into the future, always appreciated.

Looking around our own encampment a major pat on the back to one and all... always great to see 17th century back on show, and Mike and Fiona really pulled out all the stops to create an incredible display. Kit, clothing, table displays and tent presentations all had visibly gone up several notches folks, a very well done all.

Combat wise... Gladiators a very well done, awesome presentation every time you went out ( and great team work in the grand melee); Normans always great to see, and first time I have seen you miss a change of direction which that in itself was incredible...great show, all be it brief compared to what you usually do; 14th century as slick as every but still would like more bodies out there for support.

And star of the event... tough year, but a very well deserved win and recognition goes to Corvia Britannia (Kelly Bonner) for being last historical combatant standing in the 12000 Year Melee! A massive well done Kelly, well deserved victory.

An excellent event to be a part of with some incredible people to hang out with. A huge thank you to everyone who was able to attend and support the event... your time, support, hard work, friendship and hugs are always much appreciated. Well done to one and all. On wards and upwards for 2019.

Cheers all.

Photo Credits - R.A Chalmers, and Clare Seaman