Medieval Joust and Tournament, 24th - 29th July 2018

Arundel Castle

Well the extremes of heat, wind and rain did not prevent all those in group who attended the Joust Week at the castle from pulling out all the stops to produce some outstanding fighting and awesome fighting. Although the events will be moving to the lower lawns next year I think everyone really did give the American Lawn a very good send off tournament wise.

To those who fought during the heat and the rain over the six days... I doft my very wet hat, and offer my sincerest thanks... you are an amazing group of people, and I know I really pushed you all to beyond reserves of strength and energy this week, but you did the group proud.

Sam Miller, Tournament Champion, and Ben Grey, new squire to the Polish Captain... gentlemen you both rose to new heights in everyone's eyes this week, respect to you both.

Harry Grey, and Rob Hayler some outstanding shooting, I'm sure most of those you hit this week will be walking a little lighter, and speaking a little higher for several days to come. All those archers who participated this week did exceptionally well... lower lawns next year folks, archery is back with a vengeance.

Welcome to Ben Fraser, who I am sure is going to make a great addition to the group, smithing, arching,and heralding (and could give Paparina a good run for her money as well ;) )

To Mistress Morag, ably assisted by Jenny Grey, some fantastic food over the 6 days, with some very trying conditions...thanks to you both for all your hard work.

To everyone who was able to attend and participate during the event, my thanks and appreciation...although a long week, and very energy sapping, it was one of the best for comradary and an outstanding week over all. My thanks and much appreciation to all. Hug

Photos courtesy of Ricky Chalmers (unsigned), and Chris Coope (where signed).