Roman Villa Event, 12th - 13th May 2018

Bignor Roman Villa

Finally Apollo provided some sun and warmth, all be it only on the Sunday, at a Roman Event this year... although not well attended by visitors the two days proved very successful arena and display wise.

There was some excellent combat from everyone, special mention goes to Linus (Ben) and Lupus Secundus (Sam Miller) for some outstanding displays, well done both. Thanks to Ursus (John McGloin) for making it down from Derby, always good to see you at the villa. Good to see our fallen hero Falco (Sam Dukes) who although not fighting, looked well and great as an injured Gladiator...kit really coming together as well mate, well done...

New addition to the static displays with Antonia's (Toni McGloin) musical instruments (some of which she made herself), great research and table display.

Thanks to John and Kim Brinni, and Nick Barnaby for additional Roman Military support, and to our own Mad Monk for a bonus jeweler over the two days, and Papa for leather craft on the Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend and support the event... your time and attendance is as always much appreciated.

Cheers All.