Multi-Period Event, 26th - 28th August 2017

Arundel Castle

Despite a very odd heavy and prolonged shower on the Saturday, this weekend proved to be very good - both weather wise and for visitor numbers (made even sweeter by the fact that literally as we had packed up it started spitting, and now an hour later it's raining)...phew.

Finally the weather gods smiled upon a Bank Holiday August Weekend, and a glorious one it was as well... Outstanding weather, excellent audience and visitor attendance, add 12,000 years of history and stir vigorously... result? Best Multi-period Event we have ever hosted at the castle!

Where to start...

Romans, although down on numbers and beset with injuries still pulled out some excellent fights, and a great static display. Young Linus (Ben Grey) great working of the crowd, and some very impressive spear work, and courage over the three days, well done; Draco (Jack Labelle-Hughes) some outstanding fights, especially with Linus (very surprised you let go of the squamata). Add on the barbarian Germanians of Ursus (John McGloin) and Lupus (Benedikt) made for an excellent presentation.

The Normans - Baron Farenburgs (Pete Dukes) shield wall, best maneuvers I have seen, some great fights from all, and certainly the best energy and display of all the periods over the weekend... need to add a banner bearer, maybe drum as well (think you earnt it)... George the Archer (Stephanie House), excellent running the archery line...clear, sharp commands, very well done..

14th century... living history wise, great display, combat as slick as ever... we need to add to your arena display...think you have earnt your right of expansion.

17th century - always great to see Mike Betteridge and Fiona Hargreaves at their living history best...fantastic officers tent, a really great visual display.

18th Great to see some of The Mermaid Crew and some great static display and interaction with visitors.

Big thank you to all who provided demonstrations withing the encampment, and who interacted with visitors to the castle... big thumbs up from all the senor management at the castle folks.

To all the groups and individuals who added to the event a HUGE thank you... Will Lord (Grandpa) always an amazing person to be around and talk too; Herigeas Hundus always a great presence at the event, some great combat as always; The Wessex Medieval Alliance always great to work with, no melon is ever safe; Company of St Barbara always great gunnery display and presentation; Ragged Victorians, never has street poverty been made to look so good, always fun to have around and work with... and to Kim and John Brinded (19th century) glad you made it, looking forward to working with you again soon; Chris Bulter (ARP Warden) great addition to the event mate; Steve Wright (Lord Vader), the Force really worked mate, thanks.

To all those who contributed to the event, in whatever way, can I pass on my deepest thanks and appreciation, especially to those who organised and contributed to my present... You are all an amazing group of people, wonderful friends an your support, time, energy, hugs and tolerance is always much appreciated...Thank you for making the last outside castle event a truly memorable event for all the right reasons. Cheers to one and all