Medieval Joust and Tournament, 25th - 30th July 2017

Arundel Castle

Despite the wide range of weather conditions the gods decided to throw at the event over the six days, the week finished in sunshine, with dry tents and with one of the largest visitor numbers all year, Huzzah!

A tremendous effort from all the combatants, especially those who did all six days... the standard of combat has grown and developed over the years and 11 fights, twice a day is amazing too say the least. Adding some spectacular heralding for the weekend really added to the occasion... 8 banner bearers and 8 combatants really fired up the audience, was hugely entertaining and certainly held the best visitor numbers on the American Lawn, and certainly the best atmosphere support wise we have had in a long time.

Tournament Champion... Karl Klemontowicz (some amazing fights, despite finger injuries, very well deserved and long overdue) Outstanding Combatant... Kelly Bonner (who must have been on red bull and Wheatabix at one point from the amount of blows being delivered on opponents) Tournament Herald... Peter Taylor (blooming hilarious and very dexterous banner work as well) Living History Recognition... Toni McGloin (an on going work to Lord Massey's tent, and table, looks excellent and brilliant display) Special mention to Sir Stephen House... It is always great to see someone grow and develop combat wise but this week despite all the sweat, bruises and exhaustion you nearly stepped up several levels in style, presentation and dying so well... awesome mate.... And Jack Labelle-Hughes, very well done this week young man, outstanding fights and some great deaths... very impressive

Huge thank you to Mistress Morag and all who assisted over the week with regards to providing some delicious food.Very much appreciated by all.

Despite the roller coaster of weather it was a tremendous week with some great laughs and moments. Thank you to all those who were able to support and attend the is always much appreciated. You are all a wonderful group of people and most excellent to be around. Big HUG and thanks to ALL

PS To all those who supplied chocolate during the week, many, many thanks... Hug