Bignor Romans, 3rd - 4th June 2017

Bignor Roman Villa

Bignor Roman Villa Saturday 3/Sunday 4 June 2017

An outstanding weekend at the villa both weather wise, visitor numbers and what was achieved in the arena. The largest combat display we have put on a s a group with 11 gladiators and tiros (trainee gladiators) per day, and 6 display areas each day as well.

The standard of combat was outstanding, with some truly epic fights, a real testimony to all the Winter training and warm ups before the event starts... Well done to Achillia (Nina) and Marcus (Mark Goble) for winning Outstanding Gladiator of the day (Saturday and Sunday respectively), and to Falco (Sam Dukes) for outstanding fight against Ursus (John McGloin). Special mention to Draco (Jack) for having the bottle (and skill with a spear) to go up against Ursus, a very very WELL DONE young man.

Best weekend we have had at the villa, some great laughs, truly memorable moments, and great company.

Thank you to all you were able to participate in the event, or came along and supported the weekend... all is very much appreciated.

Well done and thanks to all.

Photo Credits - Alice Dukes