Multiperiod Event, 29th - 31st August 2015

Arundel Castle

Well folks that has to be one of the best events we have had at the castle, and certainly the largest participant wise... to get 5 living history groups together, for 3 days, even with rain and a bit of thunder, in three different areas, and 4 of them on the field fighting each other with weapons spanning nearly 2000 years was truly impressive. Company of St Barbara gave their usual outstanding gunnery display (powder and nerf wise), Wessex Medieval Alliance, Ragged Victorians (not sure I'll be able to eat mackeral for a while), and Roughe Musike were a great new additions to the event, providing some great living history displays, music entertainment, and diced watermelon (and some welcome nerf backup), and Herigeas Hundus made a great first impression on everyone, combat, and noise wise!

As always some excellent combat from our guys... Marek and Karls duels with ever increasing sword sizes, and Kelly and James Gladiator fights were outstanding (great sword work and speed by both). Living History wise, Johan John Steels really could not have crammed any more trading goods on to his Norse table, great display, and great interaction with the public for the whole weekend. Great to get the 17th century back on to our display list and Mikes Officers tent was a great addition to the encampment. We managed 1600 years just in group so reckon we deserve a pretty big pat on the back there folks.

Thanks to Jane for sorting some day time nosh over the three days, and to Mistress Morag for Sunday supper... after all the running around nerf wise it was great to sit down and some excellent food, and have so many of the group stay around and chill for a few hours.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend, for your time, support, sweat, patience, humour, and friendship... all were most appreciated for what for me was a five day event from set up to take down. It was really a great event, final outside event for the year but we went home with nearly totally dry tents, and certainly one of the most enjoyable. Well done to all. Cheers.

Photo Credits - Clare Seaman