Roman Gladiators, 7th - 8th June 2015

Bignor Roman Villa

Many thanks to Paul and Toni McGloin for coordinating a brillient weekend at the villa. The weather gods were certainly smiling with to full days of sunshine, which led to a good turn out visitor wise, many of whom stayed around all day. Plenty of weapons, armour and craft on display, added Roman soliders on the Sunday, have-ago-archery (many thanks to Mike and Aunty Helen), and loads of interaction with the public. Combat wise...blimmy, certainly the best fights at the villa all round... truelly epic fights between Ursus and Rufus (John and James McGloin) (the new padding and helmet crests and feathers really completed the excellent look), and first outing for Marcus (Mark) the retearius (net thrower) against Corvia (Kelly) was brillient... videos I hope to follow via George... it's great to see how far kit and combat has come on over the last 3 years, and again how much we have on display. Bignor is always one of these magical sites that always seems to enhance whatever we do, has a great relaxed and chilled atmosphere, and just wants it's history to be brought to life. Had a great weekend, my thanks to all who attended, helped, supported and got involved. Cheers all.