Easter Normans, April 2010

Arundel Castle

A superb start to the season with the Norman and Crusader Event at Arundel Castle being bathed in sunshine and having excellent visitor figures. There were some truly memorable combat demonstrations, some very wayward archery, and a welcome return of the hospital tent. The amount of archers now on the line rivals any Russel Crowe Robin Hood remake that's for sure... maybe one day they will actually hit something!

My thanks to Jaki Lake, who returned with mounted demonstrations of a Saracen and Brother knight of St. John, Keith of Distant Trumpets, with his ever growing variety of stories and plays, and Kevin of Plessis Armour, who just seems to draw bigger and bigger crowds at every event.

Additional thanks to Mistress Morag whose table truly "runeth over" with the amount of food she is providing at events.

And to Papa Labelle for providing the first holy relic of the season... an actual arrow shard from St. Edmund!!! Bit more blood next time Papa would be welcome.

A wonderful way to start the season.

Photo Credits - Chris Vinten & Sandra Wilms