Mustering for War, June 2009

Arundel Castle

Mustering for War at Arundel Castle proved to be an excellent event, with some top combat, impressive archery, and superb weather. Alas the event did not draw out spectacular numbers of visitors but this allowed for a very relaxed atmosphere.

Jaki Lake again returned to put on an excellent display of horsemanship, Distant Trumpets, although hard pressed for time, kept the audience well amused, the Purbrook Bowmen withstood the Ukrainian horde, and Mythago and The Peasant Dancers kept us all entertained.

Some of the many highlights of the weekend... Sir William Marshalls near decapitation; Sir Williams second near decapitation; Bootstrap being promoted to Sergeant (huzzah!)

Many thanks as always to Mistress Morag for supplying an excellent spread of food, and to all that participated in another excellent event.

Credits - Alex Stanhope