Medieval Tournament, 20th April 2008

Arundel Castle

Raven Tor and the Purbrook Bowmen enjoyed another excellent weekend at Arundel Castle...and finally we had sunshine, and went home with no wet tents!!!

Working on the lower lawns, tournaments were held between the knights, serjeants/squires and men-at-arms."Captain Indestructable", namely Bryan, got his comeupence... Sir Williams finger saw red... and Master Robert proved he did know how to use a sword!

Supported by the Purbrook Bowmen the knights took on the archers in an archery display... the archers have decided to use sharps next time due to the amount of blunts being bated away by the "Welsh Giant" who didn't "feel a thing when he was being hit!" Baroness Bunny felt her husband had "no sense, therefore no feeling", which probably explained alot! Mega thanks to Mistress Morag who provided excellent hot food and drinks for all throughout the weekend... it was massively appreciated by all!

Many thanks to the Purbrook Bowmen for enduring the have-ago-archery, and being bashed about on the shooting line!

Another really enjoyable weekend and heres hoping the weather stays good for the rest of the years events! Cheers to all!

Credits - Chris Vinten & Alex Stanhope